About us


Only the best ingredients

We import our tomatoes, mozzarella, parma ham and many other ingredients directly from where they grow best.


Award winning Pizzaiolo

Now this is where it gets even harder: the right balance in the dough, the leavening process and the cooking.

The Final Result

Mixing together the highest quality ingredients from Italy and the ``pizzaiolo`` craftsman skills gives us our Gourmet Pizza.

The Authentic Art of Pizza

Our Pizzaioli are not only trained to respect the authentic recipe and deliver a state of the art Pizza, they also are considered champions in the dough making and stretching process as you can see from the video besides.

Mastering Pizza making it’s a mixture of many factors: from fresh ingredients to a full knowledge of the pizza craftmanship itself.

At Al Solito Posto we make sure NONE of these factors are missing.